Interface ProcessStateListener

  • public interface ProcessStateListener
    Jeff Mesnil (c) 2016 Red Hat inc.
    • Method Detail

      • init

        default void init​(ProcessStateListenerInitParameters parameters)
        Initialize the listener. This should not throw an exception.
        parameters - the parameters to initialize the listener.
      • cleanup

        default void cleanup()
        Cleanup the listener before removing it. This should not throw an exception.
      • runtimeConfigurationStateChanged

        default void runtimeConfigurationStateChanged​(RuntimeConfigurationStateChangeEvent evt)
        Called when the runtime configuration changes.
        evt - the runtime configuration state change event.
      • runningStateChanged

        default void runningStateChanged​(RunningStateChangeEvent evt)
        Called when the running state changes. This will NEVER be called on a HostController.
        evt - the running state change event.