Package org.slf4j.spi

Interface LocationAwareLogger

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    public interface LocationAwareLogger
    extends Logger
    An optional interface helping integration with logging systems capable of extracting location information. This interface is mainly used by SLF4J bridges such as jcl-over-slf4j, jul-to-slf4j and log4j-over-slf4j or Logger wrappers which need to provide hints so that the underlying logging system can extract the correct location information (method name, line number).
    Ceki Gulcu
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      • log

        void log​(Marker marker,
                 String fqcn,
                 int level,
                 String message,
                 Object[] argArray,
                 Throwable t)
        Printing method with support for location information.
        marker - The marker to be used for this event, may be null.
        fqcn - The fully qualified class name of the logger instance, typically the logger class, logger bridge or a logger wrapper.
        level - One of the level integers defined in this interface
        message - The message for the log event
        t - Throwable associated with the log event, may be null.