Class StaticLoggerBinder

  • public class StaticLoggerBinder
    extends Object
    The binding of LoggerFactory class with an actual instance of ILoggerFactory is performed using information returned by this class. This class is meant to provide a dummy StaticLoggerBinder to the slf4j-api module. Real implementations are found in each SLF4J binding project, e.g. slf4j-nop, slf4j-log4j12 etc.
    Ceki Gülcü
    • Field Detail


        public static String REQUESTED_API_VERSION
        Declare the version of the SLF4J API this implementation is compiled against. The value of this field is modified with each major release.
    • Method Detail

      • getSingleton

        public static final StaticLoggerBinder getSingleton()
        Return the singleton of this class.
        the StaticLoggerBinder singleton
      • getLoggerFactoryClassStr

        public String getLoggerFactoryClassStr()