Class ParameterConnection

  • public class ParameterConnection
    extends Object
    Class responsible for the initial parameter exchange on the connection before we 'begin' and allow interoperability with the target MBeanServer.
    Darran Lofthouse
    • Field Detail

      • timeoutSeconds

        protected final int timeoutSeconds
    • Method Detail

      • getClientRequestManager

        protected org.jboss.remotingjmx.protocol.v2.ClientRequestManager getClientRequestManager()
      • getClientExecutorManager

        protected org.jboss.remotingjmx.protocol.v2.ClientExecutorManager getClientExecutorManager()
      • toIoException

        protected IOException toIoException​(Exception e)
        This Exception conversion needs to return the IOException instead of throwing it, this is so that the compiler can detect that for the final Exception check something is actually thrown.
      • write

        protected void write​(org.jboss.remotingjmx.protocol.v2.Common.MessageWriter writer)
                      throws IOException