Interface StartContext

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      • asynchronous

        void asynchronous()
        Call within the service lifecycle method to trigger an asynchronous lifecycle action. This action will not be considered complete until indicated so by calling either complete() or failed(StartException) method on this interface.
        Specified by:
        asynchronous in interface LifecycleContext
      • getChildTarget

        ServiceTarget getChildTarget()
        Get a service target which may be used to add child services. Child services have an implicit dependency on their parent, and are automatically removed when the parent service stops (or if the parent service fails during startup).

        Any listeners added directly to this service target will be added to child services when they are installed. Listeners added directly to this service target will be applied recursively to descendants as well, as long as the listener exists on this service target. To avoid this recursive behavior, apply listeners to any sub-target of this this target (see ServiceTarget.subTarget() for more information about sub-targets).

        Note that any listeners existing on the starting service are not applied to child services automatically; they must be explicitly added to the child service target.

        the child target