Class SerializableClassRegistry

  • public final class SerializableClassRegistry
    extends Object
    A registry for reflection information usable by serialization implementations. Objects returned from this registry can be used to invoke private methods without security checks, so it is important to be careful not to "leak" instances out of secured implementations.
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static SerializableClassRegistry getInstance()
                                                     throws SecurityException
        Get the serializable class registry instance, if allowed by the current security manager. The caller must have the "allowSerializationReflection" in order to invoke this method.
        the registry
        SecurityException - if the caller does not have sufficient privileges
      • lookup

        public SerializableClass lookup​(Class<?> subject)
        Look up serialization information for a class. The resultant object will be cached.
        subject - the class to look up
        the serializable class information
      • release

        public void release​(ClassLoader classLoader)
        No longer required.
        Release all reflection information belonging to the given class loader.
        classLoader - the class loader to release