Interface OperationResponse

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    AutoCloseable, Closeable
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    public interface OperationResponse
    extends Closeable
    A response to a management request, incorporating a ModelNode containing the detyped response, along with zero or more input streams that may have been associated with the response.

    Streams must be consumed promptly once a response is obtained. To prevent resource leaks, the server side will close its side of the stream approximately 30 seconds after the latter of its transmittal of the OperationResponse or any remote read of one of its associated streams.

    Brian Stansberry (c) 2014 Red Hat Inc.
    • Method Detail

      • getResponseNode

        ModelNode getResponseNode()
        Gets the DMR response to the operation.
        the response. Will not be null
      • getInputStreams

        List<OperationResponse.StreamEntry> getInputStreams()
        Gets any streams that were associated with the operation response. Streams will be in the order in which they were attached, but callers should exercise caution when making assumptions about that order if the operation executes across multiple servers in a managed domain. Aspects of domain execution often occur concurrently so streams may not be associated with the response in the order in which steps are listed in a multistep operation.

        the streams. Will not be null but may be empty
      • getInputStream

        OperationResponse.StreamEntry getInputStream​(String uuid)
        Gets a stream associated with the response that has the given uuid.

        Server side operation step handlers that associate a stream with a response should provide the stream's uuid as the step's result value in the DMR response.

        uuid - the uuid. Cannot be null
        the stream entry, or null if no entry with the given uuid is associated