Class ImmediateAuthenticationMechanismFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • ImmediateAuthenticationMechanismFactory

        public ImmediateAuthenticationMechanismFactory​(AuthenticationMechanism authenticationMechanism)
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public AuthenticationMechanism create​(String mechanismName,
                                              IdentityManager identityManager,
                                              FormParserFactory formParserFactory,
                                              Map<String,​String> properties)
        Description copied from interface: AuthenticationMechanismFactory
        Creates an authentication mechanism that needs access to the deployment IdentityManager and specified properties
        Specified by:
        create in interface AuthenticationMechanismFactory
        mechanismName - The name under which this factory was registered
        identityManager - the IdentityManager instance asscociated with the deployment
        formParserFactory - Parser to create a form data parser for a given request.
        properties - The properties
        The mechanism