Interface FormDataParser

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    AutoCloseable, Closeable

    public interface FormDataParser
    extends Closeable
    Parser for form data. This can be used by down-stream handlers to parse form data.

    This parser must be closed to make sure any temporary files have been cleaned up.

    Stuart Douglas
    • Field Detail

      • FORM_DATA

        static final AttachmentKey<FormData> FORM_DATA
        When the form data is parsed it will be attached under this key.
    • Method Detail

      • parse

        void parse​(HttpHandler next)
            throws Exception
        Parse the form data asynchronously. If all the data cannot be read immediately then a read listener will be registered, and the data will be parsed by the read thread.

        When this method completes the handler will be invoked, and the data will be attached under FORM_DATA.

        The method can either invoke the next handler directly, or may delegate to the IO thread to perform the parsing.

      • parseBlocking

        FormData parseBlocking()
                        throws IOException
        Parse the data, blocking the current thread until parsing is complete. For blocking handlers this method is more efficient than parse(io.undertow.server.HttpHandler next), as the calling thread should do that actual parsing, rather than the read thread
        The parsed form data
        IOException - If the data could not be read
      • setCharacterEncoding

        void setCharacterEncoding​(String encoding)
        Sets the character encoding that will be used by this parser. If the request is already processed this will have no effect
        encoding - The encoding