Class JDBCLogHandler

    • Field Detail

      • useLongContentLength

        protected boolean useLongContentLength
    • Method Detail

      • run

        public void run()
        insert the log record to database
        Specified by:
        run in interface Runnable
      • isUseLongContentLength

        public boolean isUseLongContentLength()
      • setUseLongContentLength

        public void setUseLongContentLength​(boolean useLongContentLength)
      • getTableName

        public String getTableName()
      • setTableName

        public void setTableName​(String tableName)
      • getRemoteHostField

        public String getRemoteHostField()
      • setRemoteHostField

        public void setRemoteHostField​(String remoteHostField)
      • getUserField

        public String getUserField()
      • setUserField

        public void setUserField​(String userField)
      • getTimestampField

        public String getTimestampField()
      • setTimestampField

        public void setTimestampField​(String timestampField)
      • getVirtualHostField

        public String getVirtualHostField()
      • setVirtualHostField

        public void setVirtualHostField​(String virtualHostField)
      • getMethodField

        public String getMethodField()
      • setMethodField

        public void setMethodField​(String methodField)
      • getQueryField

        public String getQueryField()
      • setQueryField

        public void setQueryField​(String queryField)
      • getStatusField

        public String getStatusField()
      • setStatusField

        public void setStatusField​(String statusField)
      • getBytesField

        public String getBytesField()
      • setBytesField

        public void setBytesField​(String bytesField)
      • getRefererField

        public String getRefererField()
      • setRefererField

        public void setRefererField​(String refererField)
      • getUserAgentField

        public String getUserAgentField()
      • setUserAgentField

        public void setUserAgentField​(String userAgentField)