Class SecurityContextImpl

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      • authenticate

        public boolean authenticate()
        Description copied from interface: SecurityContext
        Performs authentication on the request. If authentication is REQUIRED then setAuthenticationRequired() should be called before calling this method. If the result indicates that a response has been sent to the client then no further attempts should be made to modify the response. The caller of this method is responsible for ending the exchange. If this method returns true it can still have committed the response (e.g. form auth redirects back to the original page). Callers should check that the exchange has not been ended before proceeding.
        Specified by:
        authenticate in interface SecurityContext
        true if either the request is successfully authenticated or if there is no failure validating the current request so that the request should continue to be processed, false if authentication was not completed and challenge has been prepared for the client.
      • setProgramaticMechName

        public void setProgramaticMechName​(String programaticMechName)
        Set the name of the mechanism used for authentication to be reported if authentication was handled programatically.
        programaticMechName -
      • login

        public boolean login​(String username,
                             String password)
        Description copied from interface: SecurityContext
        Attempts to log the user in using the provided credentials. This result will be stored in the current AuthenticatedSessionManager (if any), so subsequent requests will automatically be authenticated as this user.

        This operation may block

        Specified by:
        login in interface SecurityContext
        username - The username
        password - The password
        true if the login succeeded, false otherwise