Class Http2PriorityTree

  • public class Http2PriorityTree
    extends Object
    A structure that represents HTTP2 priority information. Note that this structure is not thread safe, it is intended to be protected by an external lock
    Stuart Douglas
    • Constructor Detail

      • Http2PriorityTree

        public Http2PriorityTree()
        The maximum number of streams that we store priority information for
    • Method Detail

      • registerStream

        public void registerStream​(int streamId,
                                   int dependency,
                                   int weighting,
                                   boolean exclusive)
        Resisters a stream, with its dependency and dependent information
        streamId - The stream id
        dependency - The stream this stream depends on, if no stream is specified this should be zero
        weighting - The weighting. If no weighting is specified this should be 16
      • streamRemoved

        public void streamRemoved​(int streamId)
        Method that is invoked when a stream has been removed
        streamId - id of the stream removed
      • comparator

        public Comparator<Integer> comparator()
        Creates a priority queue
      • priorityFrame

        public void priorityFrame​(int streamId,
                                  int streamDependency,
                                  int weight,
                                  boolean exlusive)