Class SynchronizedRestarter


public class SynchronizedRestarter extends Object
A class that handles restarts of components via multiple threads. Specifically, if a component needs to be restarted and several threads may demand a restart but only one thread should be allowed to restart the component, then use this class.

What this class guarantees is that several threads may come in while a component is being restarted, but they will block until the restart is complete.

This is different from other techniques in that:

  • A simple compare-and-swap to check whether another thread is already performing a restart will result in the requesting thread returning immediately and potentially attempting to use the resource being restarted.
  • A synchronized method or use of a lock would result in the thread waiting for the restart to complete, but on completion will attempt to restart the component again.
This implementation combines a compare-and-swap to detect a concurrent restart, as well as registering for notification for when the restart completes and then parking the thread if the CAS variable still indicates a restart in progress, and finally deregistering itself in the end.
Manik Surtani
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      public SynchronizedRestarter()
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