Class GlobalTxTable

All Implemented Interfaces:
Runnable, Lifecycle

public class GlobalTxTable extends Object implements Runnable, Lifecycle
It is a transaction log that registers all the transaction decisions before changing the cache.

The transaction state is stored in TxState, and that is stored in a replicated cache. The TxState must be updated before performing any action in the transaction (prepare, commit, etc.).

In addition, since we don't have a client crash notification, it performs a reaper work, periodically, that cleanups idle transactions. The transaction is considered idle based on the timeout sent by the client. If no decision is made, it rollbacks the transaction. If the transaction is completed (committed or rolled-back), it is removed from the cache. If the transaction is decided (i.e. marked for commit or rollback), it completes the transaction.

Note that, recoverable transactions (transactions originated from FULL_XA support caches) aren't touched by the reaper. The recovery process is responsible to handle them.

Pedro Ruivo