Class HotRodServerConfiguration

All Implemented Interfaces:
Matchable, Updatable

public class HotRodServerConfiguration extends ProtocolServerConfiguration
  • Field Details

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    • attributeDefinitionSet

      public static AttributeSet attributeDefinitionSet()
    • proxyHost

      public String proxyHost()
    • publicHost

      public String publicHost()
    • proxyPort

      public int proxyPort()
    • publicPort

      public int publicPort()
    • topologyCacheName

      public String topologyCacheName()
    • topologyLockTimeout

      public long topologyLockTimeout()
    • topologyReplTimeout

      public long topologyReplTimeout()
    • topologyAwaitInitialTransfer

      public boolean topologyAwaitInitialTransfer()
    • networkPrefixOverride

      public boolean networkPrefixOverride()
    • topologyStateTransfer

      @Deprecated(forRemoval=true) public boolean topologyStateTransfer()
      Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
      since 11.0. To be removed in 14.0 ISPN-11864 with no direct replacement.
    • authentication

      public AuthenticationConfiguration authentication()
    • topologyCache

      public TopologyCacheConfiguration topologyCache()
    • encryption

      public EncryptionConfiguration encryption()