Class SimpleServerAuthenticationProvider

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public final class SimpleServerAuthenticationProvider extends Object implements ServerAuthenticationProvider
A server authentication handler which maintains a simple map of user names and passwords.
Darran Lofthouse, Tristan Tarrant
  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleServerAuthenticationProvider

      public SimpleServerAuthenticationProvider()
  • Method Details

    • getCallbackHandler

      public AuthorizingCallbackHandler getCallbackHandler(String mechanismName, Map<String,String> mechanismProperties)
      Get a callback handler for the given mechanism name.

      This method is called each time a mechanism is selected for the connection and the resulting AuthorizingCallbackHandler will be cached and used multiple times for this connection, AuthorizingCallbackHandler should either be thread safe or the ServerAuthenticationProvider should provide a new instance each time called.

      Specified by:
      getCallbackHandler in interface ServerAuthenticationProvider
      mechanismName -
      mechanismProperties - the mechanism properties that might need to be adjusted to support the specific mechanism / callbackhandler combination
      the callback handler or null if the mechanism is not supported
    • addUser

      public void addUser(String userName, String userRealm, char[] password, String... groups)
      Add a user to the authentication table.
      userName - the user name
      userRealm - the user realm
      password - the password
      groups - the groups the user belongs to