Interface BackupResponse

All Known Implementing Classes:
AggregateBackupResponse, JGroupsBackupResponse

public interface BackupResponse
Represents a response from a backup replication call.
Mircea Markus
  • Method Details

    • waitForBackupToFinish

      void waitForBackupToFinish() throws Exception
    • getFailedBackups

      Map<String,Throwable> getFailedBackups()
    • getCommunicationErrors

      Set<String> getCommunicationErrors()
      Returns the list of sites where the backups failed due to a bridge communication error (as opposed to an error caused by Infinispan, e.g. due to a lock acquisition timeout).
    • getSendTimeMillis

      long getSendTimeMillis()
      Return the time in millis when this operation was initiated.
    • isEmpty

      boolean isEmpty()
    • notifyFinish

      void notifyFinish(LongConsumer timeElapsedConsumer)
      Registers a listener that is notified when the cross-site request is finished.

      The parameter is the time spent in the network in milliseconds.

      timeElapsedConsumer - The Consumer to be invoke.
    • notifyAsyncAck

      void notifyAsyncAck(XSiteAsyncAckListener listener)
      Invokes XSiteAsyncAckListener for each ack received from an asynchronous cross site request. If the request times-out or failed to be sent, the listeners receives a non-null Throwable.
    • isSync

      boolean isSync(String siteName)
      true if the request for the remote site is synchronous.