Interface AdvancedCacheExpirationWriter.ExpirationPurgeListener<K,V>

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public static interface AdvancedCacheExpirationWriter.ExpirationPurgeListener<K,V> extends AdvancedCacheWriter.PurgeListener<K>
Callback to be notified when an entry is removed by the AdvancedCacheExpirationWriter.purge(Executor, ExpirationPurgeListener) method. Note this interface adds a new method to the purge listener. It is possible that a cache store may want to have a key only expiration and a key/metadata for various performance reasons.
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    • marshalledEntryPurged

      void marshalledEntryPurged(MarshallableEntry<K,V> entry)
      If possible, AdvancedCacheExpirationWriter implementors should invoke this method for every entry that is purged from the store. One of the side effects of not implementing this method is that listeners do not receive CacheEntryExpired for the entries that are removed from the persistent store directly.