Package org.infinispan.objectfilter

package org.infinispan.objectfilter
Querying on plain Java objects.
Public API
  • Class
    A single-method callback that is specified when registering a filter with a Matcher.
    A subscription for match notifications.
    An object matcher able to test a given object against multiple registered filters specified either as Ickle queries (a JP-QL subset with full-text support) or using the query DSL (see org.infinispan.query.dsl).
    A filter that tests if an object matches a pre-defined condition and returns either the original instance or the projection, depending on how the filter was created.
    The output of the ObjectFilter.filter(java.lang.Object) method.
    Thrown in case of syntax errors during parsing or during the processing of the parse tree.
    Sort specification for a field.