Interface HealthJMXExposer

public interface HealthJMXExposer
A Contract for exposing Health API over the JMX.
Sebastian Ɓaskawiec
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  • Method Details

    • getNumberOfCpus

      int getNumberOfCpus()
      Returns the total amount of CPUs for the JVM.
    • getTotalMemoryKb

      long getTotalMemoryKb()
      Returns the amount of total memory (KB) in the host.
    • getFreeMemoryKb

      long getFreeMemoryKb()
      Returns the amount of free memory (KB) in the host.
    • getClusterHealth

      String getClusterHealth()
      Returns cluster health status.
    • getClusterName

      String getClusterName()
      Returns cluster name.
    • getNumberOfNodes

      int getNumberOfNodes()
      Returns total nodes in the cluster.
    • getCacheHealth

      String[] getCacheHealth()
      Returns per Cache statuses.