Class ProtostreamTranscoder

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public class ProtostreamTranscoder extends OneToManyTranscoder

Performs conversions between application/x-protostream and commons formats.

When converting to application/x-protostream, it will produce payloads with WrappedMessage by default, unless the param wrapped is supplied in the destination MediaType with value false

Converting back to application/x-java-object requires either a payload that is a WrappedMessage or an unwrapped payload plus the type of the java object to convert to, specified using the type parameter in the application/x-java-object MediaType.

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      public static final String WRAPPED_PARAM
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    • logger

      protected static final org.infinispan.util.logging.Log logger
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    • ProtostreamTranscoder

      public ProtostreamTranscoder(org.infinispan.marshall.protostream.impl.SerializationContextRegistry ctxRegistry, ClassLoader classLoader)
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