Class CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException

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public class CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException extends CacheException
This exception is thrown when the cache or cache manager does not have the right lifecycle state for cross-site operations to be called on it. Situations like this include when the cache is stopping or is stopped, when the cache manager is stopped...etc.
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  • Constructor Details

    • CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException

      public CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException()
    • CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException

      public CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException(String s)
    • CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException

      public CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException(String message, Throwable cause)
    • CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException

      public CrossSiteIllegalLifecycleStateException(Throwable cause)