Interface RecoveryManager.InDoubtTxInfo

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    public static interface RecoveryManager.InDoubtTxInfo
    An object describing in doubt transaction's state. Needed by the transaction recovery process, for displaying transactions to the user.
    • Method Detail

      • getXid

        Xid getXid()
        Transaction's id.
      • getInternalId

        Long getInternalId()
        Each xid has a unique long object associated to it. It makes possible the invocation of recovery operations.
      • getStatus

        Set<Integer> getStatus()
        The value represent transaction's state as described by the status field. Multiple values are returned as it is possible for an in-doubt transaction to be at the same time e.g. prepared on one node and committed on the other.
      • getOwners

        Set<Address> getOwners()
        Returns the set of nodes where this transaction information is maintained.
      • isLocal

        boolean isLocal()
        Returns true if the transaction information is also present on this node.