Interface ProtocolServerConfigurationChildBuilder<T extends ProtocolServerConfiguration,​S extends ProtocolServerConfigurationChildBuilder<T,​S>>

    • Method Detail

      • defaultCacheName

        S defaultCacheName​(String defaultCacheName)
        Specifies the cache to use as a default cache for the protocol
      • name

        S name​(String name)
        Specifies a custom name for this server in order to easily distinguish it from other servers, e.g. via JMX. Defaults to the empty string.
      • host

        S host​(String host)
        Specifies the host or IP address on which this server will listen
      • port

        S port​(int port)
        Specifies the port on which this server will listen
      • idleTimeout

        S idleTimeout​(int idleTimeout)
        Specifies the maximum time that connections from client will be kept open without activity
      • tcpNoDelay

        S tcpNoDelay​(boolean tcpNoDelay)
        Affects TCP NODELAY on the TCP stack. Defaults to enabled
      • tcpKeepAlive

        S tcpKeepAlive​(boolean tcpKeepAlive)
        Affects TCP KEEPALIVE on the TCP stack. Defaults to disabled
      • recvBufSize

        S recvBufSize​(int recvBufSize)
        Sets the size of the receive buffer
      • sendBufSize

        S sendBufSize​(int sendBufSize)
        Sets the size of the send buffer
      • ioThreads

        S ioThreads​(int ioThreads)
        Sets the number of I/O threads
      • workerThreads

        S workerThreads​(int workerThreads)
        Sets the number of worker threads
      • ignoredCaches

        S ignoredCaches​(Set<String> ignoredCaches)
        Sets the caches to be ignored
      • startTransport

        S startTransport​(boolean startTransport)
        Indicates whether transport implementation should or should not be started.
      • build

        T build()
        Builds a configuration object