Class IndexUpdateStreamCommand

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.infinispan.commands.remote.CacheRpcCommand, org.infinispan.commands.ReplicableCommand, org.infinispan.query.impl.CustomQueryCommand

    public class IndexUpdateStreamCommand
    extends AbstractUpdateCommand
    Execute a stream operation
    • Constructor Detail

      • IndexUpdateStreamCommand

        public IndexUpdateStreamCommand​(ByteString cacheName)
    • Method Detail

      • invokeAsync

        public CompletableFuture<Object> invokeAsync()
        Description copied from interface: org.infinispan.commands.ReplicableCommand
        Invoke the command asynchronously.

        This method replaces ReplicableCommand.perform(InvocationContext) for remote execution. The default implementation and ReplicableCommand.perform(InvocationContext) will be removed in future versions.

        Specified by:
        invokeAsync in interface org.infinispan.commands.ReplicableCommand
        Specified by:
        invokeAsync in class AbstractUpdateCommand
      • getCommandId

        public byte getCommandId()
        Description copied from interface: org.infinispan.commands.ReplicableCommand
        Used by marshallers to convert this command into an id for streaming.
        Specified by:
        getCommandId in interface org.infinispan.commands.ReplicableCommand
        Specified by:
        getCommandId in class AbstractUpdateCommand
        the method id of this command. This is compatible with pre-2.2.0 MethodCall ids.