Class DirectoryBuilder

  • public final class DirectoryBuilder
    extends Object
    Builder class to create instances of the Directory implementation which stored data in the data grid.
    • Method Detail

      • newDirectoryInstance

        public static BuildContext newDirectoryInstance​(Cache<?,​?> metadataCache,
                                                        Cache<?,​?> chunksCache,
                                                        Cache<?,​?> distLocksCache,
                                                        String indexName)
        Starting point to create a Directory instance.
        metadataCache - contains the metadata of stored elements
        chunksCache - cache containing the bulk of the index; this is the larger part of data
        distLocksCache - cache to store locks; should be replicated and not using a persistent CacheStore
        indexName - identifies the index; you can store different indexes in the same set of caches using different identifiers