Class LimitedExecutor

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    public class LimitedExecutor
    extends Object
    implements Executor
    Executes tasks in the given executor, but never has more than maxConcurrentTasks tasks running at the same time.

    A task can finish running without allowing another task to run in its stead, with executeAsync(Supplier). A new task will only start after the CompletableFuture returned by the task has completed.

    Blocking mode. If the executor is a WithinThreadExecutor, tasks will run in the thread that submitted them. If there are no available permits, the caller thread will block until a permit becomes available.

    Dan Berindei
    • Constructor Detail

      • LimitedExecutor

        public LimitedExecutor​(String name,
                               Executor executor,
                               int maxConcurrentTasks)
    • Method Detail

      • shutdownNow

        public void shutdownNow()
        Stops the executor and cancels any queued tasks. Stop and interrupt any tasks that have already been handed to the underlying executor.
      • executeAsync

        public void executeAsync​(Supplier<CompletionStage<Void>> asyncCommand)
        Similar to execute(Runnable), but the task can continue executing asynchronously, without blocking the OS thread, while still counting against this executor's limit.
        asyncCommand - A task that returns a non-null CompletionStage, which may be already completed or may complete at some point in the future.