Interface FailoverContext

  • public interface FailoverContext
    As DistributedTask might potentially fail on subset of executing nodes FailureContext provides details of such task failure. FailureContext has a scope of a node where the task failed.
    Vladimir Blagojevic
    • Method Detail

      • executionFailureLocation

        Address executionFailureLocation()
        Returns an Address of the node where the task failed
        the Address of the failed execution location
      • executionCandidates

        List<Address> executionCandidates()
        Returns a list of candidates for possible repeated execution governed by installed DistributedTaskFailoverPolicy
        an Address list of possible execution candidates
      • cause

        Throwable cause()
        Returns the Throwable which was the cause of the task failure. This includes both system exception related to Infinispan transient failures (node crash, transient errors etc) as well as application level exceptions. Returned Throwable will most likely contain the chain of Exceptions that interested clients can inspect and, if desired, find the root cause of the returned Throwable
        the Throwable that caused task failure on the particular Infinispan node
        See Also:
        API to recursively traverse the Exception chain
      • inputKeys

        <K> List<K> inputKeys()
        Returns a list of input keys for this task. Note that this method does not return all of the keys used as input for DistributedTask but rather only the input keys used as input for a part of that task where the execution failed
        Type Parameters:
        K -
        the list of input keys if any