Interface FineGrainedAtomicMap<K,​V>

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    public interface FineGrainedAtomicMap<K,​V>
    extends Map<K,​V>
    FineGrainedAtomicMap is a special type of Map geared for use in Infinispan. In addition to the properties of AtomicMap, locking and isolation is applied on keys rather than entire map itself. Usage

    FineGrainedAtomicMap should be constructed and "registered" with Infinispan using the AtomicMapLookup helper. This helper ensures thread safe construction and registration of AtomicMap instances in Infinispan's data container. E.g.:
    FineGrainedAtomicMap<String, Integer> map = AtomicMapLookup.getFineGrainedAtomicMap(cache, "my_atomic_map_key");

    This interface, for all practical purposes, is just a marker interface that indicates that maps of this type will be locked atomically in the cache and replicated in a fine grained manner, as it does not add any additional methods to Map.

    Vladimir Blagojevic
    See Also:
    AtomicMapLookup, AtomicMap