ManageIQ Enterprise Virtualization Manager Life Cycle

New ManageIQ Enterprise Virtualization Manager (EVM) major product releases are delivered on a 12-18 month interval. Service packs are delivered on a 3-6 month delivery basis, and fixpacks are provided in the interim to offer fixes and enhancements on the current release(s).

Currently, both versions of ManageIQ Enterprise Virtualization Manager—EVM 4 and EVM 5—are in maintenance phase (Production Phase 2).

During the maintenance phase (Production Phase 2), EVM 4.0, EVM 5.0, and CloudForms 2.0 are provided with limited security support. Security fixes may be provided for Critical impact security flaws, at Red Hat's discretion.

For a detailed timeline of specific life-cycle dates, please see the Red Hat CloudForms Life Cycle.