Cloud Management Services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle


Applications at are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, providing customers with prescriptive analytics and applications to manage Red Hat environments. Because the applications are hosted and managed by Red Hat, there is no infrastructure that a customer needs to deploy, other than the installation of a client. All data shown via a user interface are hosted by Red Hat and a user will always be using the latest software version that is made available.

Insights Client Releases and Support

The Red Hat Insights client, to be used with the Insights application at, is shipped and made available as part of the RHEL Base channel and respects the product lifecycle for the version of RHEL it is shipped as a part of. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle can be found here

Errata Policy

Red Hat will push defect resolutions for applications and the platform at to production as they become available. Most fixes should not result in any downtime or outage. Working in a Continuously Integrated / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) model allows Red Hat to rapidly respond to issues.

If Red Hat plans an outage for a major component, Red Hat will notify customers before the outage, giving customers an estimated window of impact.

Critical and urgent fixes will be applied as quickly as possible, providing customers as much notification as possible without lengthening any period of impact.