The Red Hat Escalation Process

Need to raise a concern to Red Hat Support management? Use the contact information on this page. If you need technical support, please open a service request. For any subscription or account questions, contact Customer Service. We will help you in any way we can.

There are two types of escalation available in the Red Hat support process:

  • If you feel that your issue isn't being resolved appropriately or that your issue needs a more senior resource, you may require a technical escalation.
  • If you feel that your issue has become more severe or should be a higher priority, you may require a management escalation.

Sometimes issues are escalated along both paths simultaneously.

Technical Escalation

There are several ways to request a technical escalation:

  • The easiest way to request an escalation is to click the "Request Management Escalation" button when viewing your case.
  • Global Support Managers are accountable for customer satisfaction and can be contacted if you are ever dissatisfied with the support you receive from Red Hat. Feel free to reach out to one of the Global Support Managers—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—by calling our toll-free number and asking to be escalated to a support manager.
  • Your sales representative, Solution Architect, Technical Account Manager, or Support Relationship Manager can also escalate issues on your behalf within Red Hat.

Management Escalation

There are several ways to request a management escalation:

  • The primary management escalation path is through your regional support manager. You should inform your regional support manager any time you are unhappy with any aspect of your support experience.
  • Your sales representative, Solution Architect, Technical Account Manager, or Support Relationship Manager can escalate issues on your behalf within Red Hat. Please use this method also if you want to discuss support processes, explore options for improving your support experience, or organize an account review.

Customers are encouraged to use any combination of the above support escalation processes to drive the appropriate response. Any questions can be directed to any member of your account team or the regional support manager. The continual improvement of the customer support experience is a collaborative effort between Red Hat and our customers.

Management Escalation Contacts

Region Name Role Phone Email
Americas Paul Lyons Director, Support Engineering Group Office: +1 978 392 1068
Mobile: +1 774 288 1137
Jennifer Dearman Director, Customer Experience & Engagement Office: +1 919 754 4718
Mobile: +1 984 255 4591
Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Ian Annis Director, GSS EMEA Office: +44 1252 362 916
Mobile: +44 7977 257 448
Asia Pacific (APAC) Mustafa Mahudhawala Director, GSS APAC Office: +91 20 30467014
Mobile: +91 9158998354
Andy Karandikar Director, Customer Experience & Engagement Office: +65 6490 4147
Mobile: +65 8660 5931
Worldwide Marco Bill-Peter Vice President, Customer Experience & Engagement Office: +1 978 392 2495
Mobile: +1 617 818 0707

Feedback Surveys

Red Hat feedback surveys are a vital mechanism for improving our support policies and processes.

Every time you close an issue related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you will receive a feedback survey. For Red Hat JBoss Middleware support requests, these surveys are issued quarterly. If you subscribe to Technical Account Management services, you will also receive a quarterly survey.

The Red Hat management team reads every survey response. Red Hat reviews surveys with a formal QA process, and we will schedule follow-up contact with you when requested or appropriate. You can take full advantage of this opportunity by providing as much feedback as possible, whether good, bad, or neutral.

At Red Hat, we pride ourselves on delivering the best support experience in the industry and want to continue doing so. Everything you tell us will go directly into improving your support experience.