How To Personalize Your Customer Portal Experience

Completing your customer profile ensures that Red Hat provides you with ideas and solutions that meet your needs.

  1. 1

    Access Your Profile

    When logged in, access your Profile by clicking your name in the top corner of the screen, then My Profile.

  2. 2

    View and Edit Your Profile

    Your profile displays useful information about you and your contributions.

    Note that some information, including your username (Red Hat login) and email address, is marked private and is not visible to others.

    To make changes, click Edit Profile

  3. 3

    Tell Us More About Yourself

    Providing this information identifies your interests to the Customer Portal community and helps ensure you receive content that is most relevant to you.

    • Enter a brief description of yourself under Bio
    • Select the Industry that best represents your area of business
    • Select one or more Technical Interests based on the Red Hat products you use.
  4. 4

    Choose an Avatar

    Upload a Picture or image that will represent you on the Customer Portal. The picture and your name will appear with your comments and other content you create.

    To apply your changes be sure to click Save.

  1. 1

    Enable Notifications

    You can choose to receive email notifications for interesting content and users in the portal.

    When logged in, access your Profile by clicking your name in the top corner of the screen, then My Profile. From there, click on the Notifications tab.

  2. 2

    Follow Content and Users

    Look for the Follow buttons throughout the Customer Portal. When you follow content like an article or documentation, you’ll receive an email notification whenever the content is updated or commented on by others.

    When you follow a user, you’ll receive an email notifications whenever they contribute or update content.

  3. 3

    Manage Content and Users you follow

    In Pages/Threads and Users, you will see a list of what or who you are following, and the ability to Unfollow.

    You can also unfollow by visiting a page or user profile and toggling the Following button.

  4. 4

    Set Up Custom Notifications

    In Custom Notifications you have additional control to follow content types, for example:

    • Documentation for a particular product
    • Content by Tag
    • Blogs
  1. 1

    Manage Your Personal Information

    When logged in, access your personal information by clicking your name in the top corner of the screen, then Account Details.

    • Customize your Personal Information, including your email address and preferred methods of contact.
    • Change your password from time to time for optimal security.
    • Update your Postal Address to ensure you receive updates on events, articles or solutions pertaining to your location.
  2. 2

    Set Your Language and Location

    These settings allow you to determine your preferred language and time zone to use while logged in to the Customer Portal.

  3. 3

    Receive Errata Notifications

    You can enable and disable email notifications for Security Updates, Bug Fixes, and Enhancements relevant to your systems or subscriptions. You can also set the frequency of those notifications, choosing between immediate notifications or a daily or weekly summary.