Subscription Asset Manager (SAM) Services do not start when katello-configure org name has special characters

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  • When using special characters within the --org= organization name during the katello-configure configuration step for Subscription Asset Manager (SAM) 1.4, services do not start correctly and the web UI does not show the 'Organizations' menu item.
[~]# katello-service status
tomcat6 (pid 7307) is running...                           [  OK  ]
httpd (pid  7395) is running...
mongod (pid  7423) is running...
thumbslug (pid  7468) is running...
elasticsearch (pid  7498) is running...
katello (7579) is running.
katello (7596) is running.
delayed_job is not running.
delayed_job_monitor is not running.

The following type of errors are seen within /var/log/katello/katello-configure-<date>/main.log:

# grep -is 'error' /var/log/katello/katello-configure-20140610-111857/main.log
140610-11:21:19 Error: /usr/bin/ruby193-rake seed_with_logging --trace --verbose > /var/log/katello/katello-configure/db_seed.log 2>&1 && touch /var/lib/katello/db_seed_done returned 1 instead of one of [0]
140610-11:21:19 Error: /Stage[main]/Katello::Config/Exec[katello_seed_db]/returns: change from notrun to 0 failed: /usr/bin/ruby193-rake seed_with_logging --trace --verbose > /var/log/katello/katello-configure/db_seed.log 2>&1 && touch /var/lib/katello/db_seed_done returned 1 instead of one of [0]


  • Subscription Asset Manager 1.4
  • katello-configure-1.4.5-1.el6sam.noarch

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