TargetDown alerts for Cluster Logging Operator

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  • RedHat OpenShift Service on AWS [ROSA]
    • 4.x
  • OpenShift Container Platform [OCP]
    • 4.x


  • Alert is seen in the Openshift console.
TargetDown      Warning
50% of the cluster-logging-operator-metrics/cluster-logging-operator-metrics targets in Namespace
NS                       openshift-logging
 namespace have been unreachable for more than 15 minutes. This may be a symptom of network connectivity issues, down nodes, or failures within these components. Assess the health of the infrastructure and nodes running these targets and then contact support.


  • Delete the cluster-logging-operator pod.
$ oc delete pod cluster-logging-operator-xxxx  -n openshift-logging 

Root Cause

  • Metrics from the cluster-logging-operator pod were not getting scraped due to connectivity issues.

Diagnostic Steps

  • To check the Alerts which are firing in the OpenShift console, In Administrative view, navigate to:

    • Observe > Alerting
  • To check the Targets which are down, navigate to :

    • Observe > Targets

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