Host Parameters are not imported after syncing Satellite Inventory Source

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  • Ansible Tower.
  • Ansible Automation Platform.
  • Red Hat Satellite 6.


  • Satellite user with role "Ansible Tower Inventory Reader" can list only Satellite hosts Global Parameters but not Host Parameters.


1) Make sure that the following is added to the Source Variables of the Red Hat Satellite 6 Source :

want_params: true

2) As a workaround , add "Viewer" role to the satellite user which is used on the Satellite Credentials.

Root Cause

  • The default satellite user role "Ansible Tower Inventory Reader" lists only Global Parameters of satellite hosts , but not Host Parameters.
  • The issue has been reported and tracked by Bugzilla

Diagnostic Steps

1) Assign the default role to the used satellite user to imported satellite inventory.
2) Create satellite credentials using this user , and sync the inventory source.

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