Column aliases are ignored in EDS

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  • Red Hat JBoss Data Services (EDS) 5.2
  • Red Hat JBoss Data Services (EDS) 5.3


  • In JBEDS 5.2, it seems that column aliases are ignored, or at least that's the impression Squirrel gives. If I run the below query in JBEDS 5.1, I can see the column header "ALTERNATE_ID".
  • If I run the exact same query in JBEDS 5.2, with the same VDB, I get NySystemLogin as the column header.
  • In the Output result of the data, the column names are not the aliases

    select p.NtSystemLogin AS ALTERNATE_ID FROM Entity_Model.RefData.Persons p LIMIT 10;


A change was made in JDBC4 to return unaliased column names as the ResultSetMetadata column name. Prior to this, if a column alias was used it was returned as the column name. Setting this property to false will enable backwards compatibility. Defaults to true. Add the following Connection property to the JDBC connection url:


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