Can RHACM and its Assisted-Installer integration be used to create Hybrid OpenShift Clusters?

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I'd like to use RHACM to deploy an OCP cluster with some masters being physical and some workers being deployed within VMs. Is this possible?


YES you can do it
because in OCP, it doesn't matter if nodes (masters or workers) are physical or virtual machines.

Once the cluster definition is created in RHACM, the agents or nodes will be added using redfish and you can refer to their bmc using physical nodes (baremetal hosts) or virtual machines with sushy tool emulator

kind: BareMetalHost
  name: lab-agent1
  namespace: open-cluster-management
  labels: "lab-env"
  annotations: disabled
  online: true
    **address: redfish-virtualmedia+http://[2620:52:0:1302::d7c]:8000/redfish/v1/Systems/3e6f03bb-2301-49c9-a562-ad488dca513c
    credentialsName: bmc-secret1
    disableCertificateVerification: true
  bootMACAddress: ee:bb:aa:ee:1e:1a**
  automatedCleaningMode: disabled

So as long as we have BMC available, we can perform ZeroTouchProvisioning and it would also be possible to have mixed masters and mixed workers

For getting more info into RHACM/AI Integration (which is still Dev-Preview in RHACM 2.3)
you can review this excellent blog

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