sosreport hangs after printing "Setting up plugins ..."

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
    • sosreport


  • sosreport command hangs after printing the following messages

    Setting up archive ...
    Setting up plugins ...


Follow the procedure described in the Diagnostic Steps section.
If this is a match, proceed further.

  • Remove the secret-sos package from the system. This package is deprecated and not maintained any more.

    # yum -y remove secret-sos

Root Cause

When secret-sos package is installed, executing sosreport leads to automatically running a plugin shipped by secret-sos.
This plugin checks all files on the file system against against the RPM database, which is extremely time consuming.

Diagnostic Steps

  1. Verify that secret-sos package is present

    # rpm -qa secret-sos
  2. Execute sosreport command

    # sosreport
    [... command stuck not printing anything ...]
  3. Once sosreport command seems to be stuck, strace the command during 1 minute from another terminal

    # timeout 1m strace -fttTvyy -o /tmp/sosreport.strace -p $(pgrep sosreport)
    strace: Process 1841 attached
    strace: Process 1841 detached
  4. Stop the sosreport command using Ctrl-C

    # sosreport
    [... command stuck not printing anything ...]
  5. Search in the strace for how many times the RPM database was processed

    # grep -c " stat(\"/var/lib/rpm/Basenames\"" /tmp/sosreport.strace 

    In the example above, one of the file of the RPM database was processed 363 during 1 minute, which is huge and very likely denotes the issue due to having secret-sos package installed.

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