Importing a VM with a snapshot from VMware to RHV results in VM having pre-snapshot data.

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  • Red Hat Virtualization 4.3 and 4.4


  • Importing a VM with a snapshot from VMware to RHV results in VM having pre-snapshot data.
  • After the import, the VM is booted and it contains older data.
  • The data is from before the snapshot.


  • BZ 1943656 has been filed to address this issue.
  • The recommended workaround is to delete the VM snapshots on the VMware environment before importing the VM to RHV.

Diagnostic Steps

  • From the VMware logs we see the first vmdk is created.
2021-03-24T17:57:37.111Z| vcpu-0| I120: HBACommon: First write on scsi0:0.fileName='/vmfs/volumes/5ef49235-63588724-d8d5-141877595c4b/test2/test2.vmdk'
  • Next take a snapshot and there is test2-000001.vmdk.
2021-03-24T18:08:48.487Z| vcpu-0| I120: SnapshotVMXTakeSnapshotWork: Initiated lazy snapshot 'VM Snapshot 3%252f24%252f2021, 6:13:39 PM': 1
2021-03-24T18:08:49.381Z| vcpu-0| I120: HBACommon: First write on scsi0:0.fileName='/vmfs/volumes/5ef49235-63588724-d8d5-141877595c4b/test2/test2-000001.vmdk'
2021-03-24T18:09:04.325Z| vmx| I120: SnapshotVMXTakeSnapshotComplete: Done with snapshot 'VM Snapshot 3%252f24%252f2021, 6:13:39 PM': 1
  • Quering the datastore, we don't see the test2-000001-flat.vmdk
test2-000001-delta.vmdk 25-Mar-2021 19:44   67133440
test2-000001.vmdk       24-Mar-2021 19:29   327
test2-Snapshot1.vmem    24-Mar-2021 18:09   2147483648
test2-Snapshot1.vmsn    24-Mar-2021 18:09   9584577
test2-flat.vmdk         24-Mar-2021 18:08   10737418240
test2.nvram             25-Mar-2021 19:44   8684
test2.vmdk              24-Mar-2021 17:57   474
test2.vmsd              24-Mar-2021 18:08   433
test2.vmx               25-Mar-2021 19:44   2741
vmware-1.log            24-Mar-2021 18:09   238194
vmware-2.log            24-Mar-2021 18:12   194067
vmware.log              25-Mar-2021 19:44   194689
  • On the RHV-M host, in the /var/log/vdsm/import logs, we see the query for test2-000001-flat.vmdk failed.
'curl' -q --max-redirs '5' --globoff --head --silent --url '' --user <hidden> --insecure
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found^M
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 12:49:34 GMT^M
Set-Cookie: vmware_soap_session="9d9450a389cd791573051c5acb0ac51bf1e14f89"; Path=/; HttpOnly; Secure; ^M
Connection: close^M
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8^M
X-Frame-Options: DENY^M
Content-Length: 0^M
  • But the one for test2-flat.vmdk succeed.
'curl' -q --max-redirs '5' --globoff --head --silent --url '' --user <hidden> --insecure
HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 12:49:36 GMT^M
Set-Cookie: vmware_soap_session="1ff34a41ffe675c2f23c5edba4f02aa7c86a484b"; Path=/; HttpOnly; Secure; ^M
Accept-Ranges: bytes^M
Connection: Keep-Alive^M
Content-Type: application/octet-stream^M
X-Frame-Options: DENY^M
Content-Length: 10737418240^M
  • The test2-flat.vmdk was used for the import and the VM booted with older data.

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