RHV: Migration hangs, never connects to the destination host

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  • VM migration hangs and has to be cancelled.

  • The logs files do not indicate any specific error or problem.

  • VDSM would accept the migration request on the source host, but then just not proceed at all.

  • The vdsm logs on the source host would contain only the following;

vdsm.log.11.xz:2020-09-18 15:55:05,766-0600 INFO  (jsonrpc/2) [vdsm.api] START migrate(params={u'incomingLimit': 1, u'src': u'xx.xx.xx.x2', u'dstqemu': u'xx.xx.xx.x3', u'autoConverge': u'true', u'tunneled': u'false', u'enableGuestEvents': True, u'dst': u'xx.xx.xx.x3:54321', u'convergenceSchedule': {u'init': [{u'params': [u'100'], u'name': u'setDowntime'}], u'stalling': [{u'action': {u'params': [u'150'], u'name': u'setDowntime'}, u'limit': 1}, {u'action': {u'params': [u'200'], u'name': u'setDowntime'}, u'limit': 2}, {u'action': {u'params': [u'300'], u'name': u'setDowntime'}, u'limit': 3}, {u'action': {u'params': [u'400'], u'name': u'setDowntime'}, u'limit': 4}, {u'action': {u'params': [u'500'], u'name': u'setDowntime'}, u'limit': 6}, {u'action': {u'params': [u'5000'], u'name': u'setDowntime'}, u'limit': -1}, {u'action': {u'params': [], u'name': u'abort'}, u'limit': -1}]}, u'vmId': u'99927047-0ba6-4eff-98b1-4cab7d861a0f', u'abortOnError': u'true', u'outgoingLimit': 1, u'compressed': u'true', u'maxBandwidth': 2048, u'method': u'online', 'mode': 'remote'}) from=yy.yy.yy.yy,47158, flow_id=0d6cca10-21fd-4104-a6d8-2ae47379191b (api:46)

vdsm.log.11.xz:2020-09-18 15:55:05,769-0600 INFO  (jsonrpc/2) [vdsm.api] FINISH migrate return={'status': {'message': 'Migration in progress', 'code': 0}, 'progress': 0} from=yy.yy.yy.yy,47158, flow_id=0d6cca10-21fd-4104-a6d8-2ae47379191b (api:52)
  • There were no related entries on the destination host at all, indicating that it had not been contacted by the source host.

  • virsh -r list showed the VM was in a "running" state.

  • virsh -r domjobinfo <vm> showed no active migrations.

  • virsh -c qemu+tls://<dest hostname>/system list hung.

  • The network was configured for jumbo frames.


  • Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) 4.1

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