How to save printer changes (preferences, paper, orientation) via Windows client using Samba3x as a RHEL 5 print server?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 or above

  • Samba3x (latest update 3.5)

  • Windows XP SP2


  • Changing printers preferences for printers shared via a Samba/Cups print Server in Windows client side are not being saved.


The following documentation says that there is only one correct way to do it in order to maintain it persistent (saved in samba .tdb):Print Options for All Users Can't Be Set on Windows 200x/XP

You must use the following sequence to get the changes saved:

         1. On the Windows client machine, open the Printers folder.
         2. Right-click on the printer (remoteprinter on cupshost) and select the context menu Properties.
         3. Click on the Advanced tab. (If everything is “grayed out,” then you are not logged in as a user with enough privileges).
         4. Click on the Printing Defaults... button.
         5. On any of the two new tabs, click on the Advanced... button.

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