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Fuse JIRA migration to jboss.org

Updated 2013-11-15T16:06:03+00:00


Why am I being redirected to jboss.org for my Fuse related issues?
My bug reports and improvements look different - what's happened?
I'm a long term customer of Fuse, can I see my old tickets?


  • Fuse ESB Enterprise ALL
  • Fuse MQ Enterprise ALL
  • Fuse Message Broker ALL
  • Fuse Mediation Router ALL
  • Fuse Service Framework ALL
  • Fuse ESB ALL
  • JBoss Fuse 6.X
  • JBoss A-MQ 6.X


As part of the transition to Red Hat systems, the FuseSource JIRA has been migrated to the JBoss.org JIRA. Any old links to the existing FuseSource JIRA will be automatically redirected to the the jboss.org system.

If you are user who has used JIRA to create or comment on any issues in the past, we've moved your existing FuseSource community user id to jboss.org. You simply need to reset your password to continue. All other users will need to register accordingly.

The JIRA system on jboss.org is a newer version and the appearance of the tickets will be different than on the Fuse site. This is a visual change only and all existing content has been migrated.

If you are a long term FuseSource customer, our DEV and PROD projects which were used to track customer related issues are still available but privately for security purposes. If you wish to access your older tickets, please open a ticket via the customer portal.

If you encounter any issues accessing the system or creating user id's, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@jboss.org.