Static IP is not getting assigned to the Windows guest after the migration from VMware to RHV

Updated 2020-06-19T06:22:55+00:00


  • How to configure pre-migration playbook to copy configuration of the NICs and disks of Windows guest during migration?
  • When we tried to migrate the Windows VMs from VMware (source) to Red Hat ( target), the migration operation completed successfully and VMs come up . But the VMs lost the Static IP ( which was assigned at source). There was no IP assigned when we login to the migrated VMs .
  • IMS not migrating the static IP even after installing the RHV guest tools on Windows guest.
  • Windows VM migration from VMware to RHV does not migrate Static IP although migration is successful


  • Red Hat CloudForms 5.0
  • Infrastructure Migration Solution (IMS)
  • Red Hat Virtualization 4.3
  • VMware 6.7

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