How to configure Red Hat Satellite 5 server to start/stop errata email notifications

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  • Red Hat Satellite 5


  • How to configure Red Hat Satellite to start/stop email notifications about errata?
  • How does Red Hat Satellite send notification emails?


  • Confirm user-specific settings in Red Hat Satellite web UI:

    • log in to the Red Hat Satellite web UI as the user to be notified
    • click on Overview > Your Preferences
    • check/uncheck the "Receive email notifications" box
    • click on Save Preferences
  • Verify that the system profile's "Receive Notifications of Updates/Errata" box is checked (enabled by default) in the system's Details > Properties tab

  • Verify that the Red Hat Satellite Administrator's email address is correct:

    • log in to the Red Hat Satellite web UI as the Satellite Administrator
    • click on Admin > Red Hat Satellite Configuration > General
    • verify that the address specified in Administrator Email Address is correct
  • Set the mail server that the Red Hat Satellite should use ("localhost" by default), with the web.smtp_server setting in /etc/rhn/rhn.conf:
  • Also verify /usr/share/rhn/config-defaults/rhn_java.conf

    java.smtp_server =
  • If using localhost as the default mail server, then verify that the sendmail service is running on the Red Hat Satellite server

  • Set the originating email address that the Red Hat Satellite should use ("Red Hat Satellite <dev-null@localhost>" by default), in the web.default_mail_from option of /etc/rhn/rhn.conf:

    • For Satellite v 5.7 and earlier versions
    • For Satellite v 5.8 and later versions

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