foreman_params variable missing from Red Hat Satellite 6.6.

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.6


  • After upgrading to Red Hat Satellite 6.6 the variable foreman_params is undefined when using job templates for ansible.


  • The foreman_params variable is not available with Red Hat Satellite 6.6 anymore in order to consider this feature request.
  • Prior to Red Hat Satellite 6.6:
  • Post Red Hat Satellite 6.6:
  • Following is how a playbook will look like that was used to fetch the remote_execution_ssh_keys variable as a part of foreman_params hash group earlier:
- hosts: all
    - name: Print Remote Execution keys
        var: remote_execution_ssh_keys     <<====
  • There is also a bug filed with our documentation team to have this information listed as a part of the product documentation for Red Hat Satellite 6.6.

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