Is Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA) supported? (UPDATED FOR VERSION 5.1)

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  • Migration Toolkit for Applications
    • 5.x
  • Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT)
    • 4.x


  • Is Migration Toolkit for Applications supported?
  • Is Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT) supported via the Customer's portal?
  • How Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT) is supported?


Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA), formerly known as the Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT), is an assembly of open source tools that enables large-scale application migrations and modernizations. MTA was released in version 5, while RHAMT was the version 4.x.

Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA) is supported as of the release of version 5.1. We provide support namely for the following items:

  • Installation
  • Basic Usage
  • Configuration
  • Filing RFEs/Bugs

The complete details about support life cycle as well as the scope of what is supported and what is not supported is explained on Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA) Lifecycle.

For previous versions (prior to 5.1) the process when identifying an issue with MTA is to create a new issue in WINDUP JIRA project. The issue will be assessed by the MTA engineering team, and if remedial action is required, the changes will be scheduled for inclusion in a future release of MTA. This is explained in Getting Started Guide of the documentation - Reporting issues with MTA

Further information to involve the community and to get assistance is provided through Introduction to the Migration Toolkit for Applications - 5.1.

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