Can a single query call function to get repo names and digest images?

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OpenShift 3.11


Single query capability is needed to contact the server to retrieve a list of the repo names and digests docker images, not simultaneously.

Example: A single query is launched and makes 982 excessive call functions and inventories 20590 images needed. The query call function count should be minimized (instead of 982 calls) to retrieve the repo names/images This would make the process much faster for deployments. (i.e. a total of "2" query calls could be made to retrieve and inventory over 26000 repo names/images).


Target Release: OpenShift 4.2 (with Quay 3.x embedded)

In the interim, users can use Quay Enterprise 3.1.0 Repo Mirroring options:

  1. Mirror repositories or namespaces:

  2. Quay-3.1.0 Repository Mirroring:

The script uses skopeo to look through all of the images and copy them over.

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