Why am I getting "Syntax Error" when running playbooks using Python 3.6 in Ansible Tower?

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While executing Ansible Playbook in Ansible Tower with Python 3.6.2, getting following error:

SSH password: 
 [WARNING]:  * Failed to parse /tmp/awx_34_I8rGcV/tmpbNIf5G with script plugin:
Inventory script (/tmp/awx_34_I8rGcV/tmpbNIf5G) had an execution error:   File
"/tmp/awx_34_I8rGcV/tmpbNIf5G", line 3     print '{"all": {"hosts":
["localhost"]}, "_meta": {"hostvars": {"localhost": {"ansible_connection":
^ SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'
 [WARNING]:  * Failed to parse /tmp/awx_34_I8rGcV/tmpbNIf5G with yaml plugin:
Syntax Error while loading YAML.   expected <block end>, but found ','  The
error appears to have been in '/tmp/awx_34_I8rGcV/tmpbNIf5G': line 3, column
40, but may be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.
The offending line appears to be:  # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- print '{"all":
{"hosts": ["localhost"]}, "_meta": {"hostvars": {"localhost":
{"ansible_connection": "local"}}}}'                                        ^
here We could be wrong, but this one looks like it might be an issue with
unbalanced quotes.  If starting a value with a quote, make sure the line ends
with the same set of quotes.  For instance this arbitrary example:      foo:
"bad" "wolf"  Could be written as:      foo: '"bad" "wolf"'
 [WARNING]:  * Failed to parse /tmp/awx_34_I8rGcV/tmpbNIf5G with ini plugin:
/tmp/awx_34_I8rGcV/tmpbNIf5G:3: Expected key=value host variable assignment,
got: {"all": {"hosts": ["localhost"]}, "_meta": {"hostvars": {"localhost":
{"ansible_connection": "local"}}}}
 [WARNING]: Unable to parse /tmp/awx_34_I8rGcV/tmpbNIf5G as an inventory source
ERROR! No inventory was parsed, please check your configuration and options.


Ansible Tower < 3.5

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