Red Hat Subscriptions page is not loading on Red Hat Satellite 6 Web UI

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.2


  • Red Hat Subscriptions page is not loading on Red Hat Satellite 6.2 Web UI


  • Restart the katello-service on Red Hat Satellite CLI :
# katello-service restart
  • Check if any paused tasks are there or not running on the Satellite :
# su - postgres -c "psql -d foreman -c 'select label,count(label),state,result from foreman_tasks_tasks where state <> '\''stopped'\'' group by label,state,result ORDER BY label;'"
  • If there are any paused tasks check the task export for the next plan of action and act according to the state of the task .

  • Next, regenerate the Satellite indices :

NOTE : The command will take time to complete and take backup/snapshot of the Satellite before proceeding with the below command.

# foreman-rake katello:reimport

Root Cause

  • A particular Subscription id was not available in the Candlepin database.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Use the hammer command to list the subscriptions on the Satellite :
hammer subscription list --organization <Org-name>
[Foreman] Password for admin:
Katello::Resources::Candlepin::Subscription: 400 Bad Request {"displayMessage":"Subscription with id 2c909ad6683be21501683c50bb47017d could not be found.","requestUuid":"2516c13e-ce0a-4441-a069-a32e5ab785d8"} (GET /candlepin/subscriptions/2c909ad6683be21501683c50bb47017d)

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